Deluxe Bow Package (Riser, Limbs, Quiver Top, & Stabilizer) $265.00
Complete Bow Package (Riser & Limbs only) $180.00
Bow Riser $85.00
Bow Limbs (up to 2 included) $85.00
Bow Cams (up to 2 included) $30.00
Bow Quiver (Top only) $25.00
Bow Stabilizer $25.00
Bow Disassembly $75.00
*NOTE: Complete Bow Package includes riser & one set of limbs only.
*NOTE: All bows must be disassembled. If bow is submitted for service assembled, the $65 Bow Disassembly charge will be applied to disassemble, and bow will not be reassembled.
*NOTE: Due to the contours of newer style bows, risers of these bows may have to be double-dipped in order to get a clean look. This may give the product a darker looking finish.
Firearm Scope (NO WARRANTY) $75.00 & up
Firearm Scope Rings $25.00
Firearm Scope Bases $25
Shotgun Choke Tubes (up to 3 included) $60.00
Shotgun Extension Tube $30.00
Pistol Case (price varies by size) $55.00 & up
Rifle/Shotgun Case (price varies by size) $95.00 & up
*NOTE: I WANNA DIP THIS LLC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE TO SCOPE THAT HYDROGRAPHIC DIPPING MAY CAUSE. Scopes are hydro-dipped at owner’s risk with no warranty. Process involves fully submerging product in water; therefore, no warranty is offered on scopes.
Whitetail Deer Skull $75.00-100
Small Game Skull (smaller than whitetail deer) $55.00
Large Game Skull (larger than whitetail deer) $75.00 & up
All pricing for top finishes only, $25 additional with complete bottom finish
Skull Cleaning $125.00
*NOTE: All skulls must be professionally cleaned and prepared by a taxidermist prior to hydro-dipping. If skull is submitted for service uncleaned/unprepared, the $125 Skull Cleaning charge will be applied to clean & prepare skull.
Automobile Wheel (price varies by size & finish) $120.00 ea. & up
Automobile Valve Cover (price varies by size) $70.00 ea. & up
Automobile Dash (price varies by size) $90.00 & up
Automobile Center-Console (price varies by size) $90.00 & up
Automobile Fender Flare (price varies by size) $75.00 ea. & up
Automobile Bumper (price varies by size) $295.00 & up
ATV Rim $65.00 ea.
Bug Shield $125.00
Helmets Price upon request
Complete Standard or Cruiser Style Motorcycle (Includes Tank, Front & Rear Fenders, Side Covers) $1000 & up
Tank Only $300-500
Inner Fairing $250-350
Outer Fairing $300-400
Front Fender $185 & up
Rear Fender Only $200 & up
Side Covers $50 ea.
Hard Case Saddle Bag Lids $100 ea.
Complete Hard Case Saddle Bags $350 ea.
Complete Sport Bike (All Plastic or Fiberglass Fairings & Tank / Price Varies Upon Size) $1500 & up
Motorcycle Wheels (price varies upon style & finish) $200 ea. & up
Dual Sport & Off Road Bikes (price varies upon size & parts) $600 & up
Complete ATV (price varies by size) $550 & up
Complete Golf Carts and Side by Sides (price varies by size) $650 & up
ATV Bumpers $100
ATV Handle Bars $60
Fuel Tank Price upon request
ATV ,Golf Cart, UTV Wheels (price varies upon size & design) $45 ea. & up
Golf Driver $55-75
Golf Driver with Shaft $100-125
Baseball Helmets $65-85
Football Helmets $65 & up
Please contact us for bulk rates on multiple items or team rates…
Fishing Pole (price varies by size) $75.00 & up
Complete Paintball Gun with Hopper & Tank (Proto Style or Similar)  $175.00
 Parts only (Stock, Barrel, Air Tank, or Hopper) $60
Face Mask (Vary by Style & Size) $50 & up
Wall Plate (outlet/duplex, switch/toggle, blank, etc.) $7.00 ea. (6 minimum)
Picture Frames (price varies by size) $15.00 & up
Ceiling Fan Blade (one side) $15.00 per side
Standard Mailbox $65.00
Lamp Price upon request
Cabinet Doors Price upon request
Crown Molding Price upon request
Base Boards Price upon request
Other Household Item Price upon request
(Ramblers, Tumblers, Colsters, Lowballs)
$30-40 ea. (Dip Only)
$10 Additional for Stickers (single color)
We can provide cups as well. Prices vary on type and size of the cup
Lids $95 & up
Complete Coolers $10 per quart
Please contact us for case pricing.
Welding Helmet $65& up
Hard Hat $40.00
Flashlight $35.00 & up
Knife Grip (price varies by size) $25.00 & up
Metal Wall Ornament (price varies by size) $30.00 & up
Gaming System (X-box, Playstation, etc.) $75.00 & up
Game Controllers (X-box, Playstation) $30
Cellular Phone Plastic Case (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Palm) $15.00 & up
License Plate Frame $15.00
Wine Glasses (6-glass minimum) $10.00 ea.
I Wanna Dip This LLC has many projects to fit your budget…
We also offer Rush processing  fees for Certain items, if your on a limited time schedule.


Please contact us for any additional items not listed for pricing…