About Us


I Wanna Dip This, LLC is a family owned and  operated hydrographics company located in North Port, Florida.  We offer  a process called hydro dipping that can cover entire items or just  pieces adding graphics such as carbon fiber, wood grain, zombie killer,  skulls, flames and all kinds of camo.  A wide range of items  can easily  be hydro dipped from your ATV to your dash board, rims, hard hats,  gaming consoles, and so much more.   See our work for some of the endless possibilities!

Here  at I Wanna Dip This LLC, we've replaced your every day customer service   with good      ol’ fashioned southern hospitality so please feel free  to contact us  with any questions you have regarding the process, pricing or for a  graphic that suits your needs..  We locally serve the counties of  Charlotte, Sarasota, and Desoto but can also accommodate online  requests from anywhere.